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Contributes to the holistic spiritual, physical, medical, legal and educational care of children living at Fundaninos.


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Fundaniños is changing every year to meet the growing needs of our children. We are blessed by visiting partners who come to help.


Special Projects

Projects you can give to that will help make a transformational change in the life of these children.

Mission and Vision

The orphanage Fundaniños works hard for to care for the children placed within our care by providing a safe, happy, healthy environment where their physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and educational needs are met. We take seriously the responsibility given in Ephesians 6:4 to raise them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord through providing holistic care, grounded in best practices and executed with excellence.

The vision God has given Fundaniños is to raise up children to be Happy, Christian and Independent. In a practical sense, here is what that means:


Yes, we like any good parent, we want our children to be happy, and we want them to enjoy life, but most importantly we want them to have a sense of true Biblical happiness that comes from being content and joyful in God. Like any children, they have lots of ups and downs, but our hope and prayers is that their time here will be a joyful in comparison with the many hardships they have faced in their short lives.


We are an orphanage founded on Christian principals staffed by Christian staff, volunteers and employees who have personal relationships with Christ and work to not just impart Biblical teachings, but demonstrate them day in and day out through their actions. Our prayer is that we can give them the truest understanding of who God is so they can build a lifelong relationship with Him in fellowship with other believers.


There comes a time in the life of every child when they must step out on their own. For the children we work with, this is complicated by the fact that few of them have any family they can depend on. Starting in their teenage years, we work with the children to develop a life plan, evaluate their interests, expose them to learning opportunities and develop the life skills necessary to sustain themselves and then walk alongside them as they step out on their own.

In truth, the three aspects of our vision are intertwined and dependent on each other. Achieving them is not a simple task, complicated much more so by the troubled pasts our children have. Yet with patience, discipline, love and time, we are seeing fruit being born in the lives of these precious souls, beloved by God.


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